Asset Management – Marketing – Head of Marketing, Indonesia

April 23, 2024

Asset Management – Marketing – Head of Marketing, Indonesia

ReferenceCG 000129

  • Standard / Permanent
  • ID-JW-Jakarta Raya
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Role Description and Purpose   

  • Responsible for developing marketing concepts and programs as well as product development for the company;
  • Head of Sharia Management Unit (UPIS) and Coordinator of Marketing Functions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Marketing Coordinator
    • Coordinate the process of opening Mutual Fund accounts, collective investment portfolios other than Mutual Funds, and customer investment management services by taking into account the policies and procedures established in the context of implementing Know Your Customer Principles; And
    • Coordinate investment product marketing activities correctly and professionally by implementing provisions regarding customer risk profiles and other related provisions.
  • Marketing Team Supervision: Coordinate the running of the Marketing Team, organize the division of responsibilities and projects by taking into account the abilities and expertise of team members, provide direction and support to the team, and maintain the level of professionalism and spirit of cooperation within the team in order to achieve the set objectives. Provide training for new members;
  • Marketing
    • Responsible for implementing marketing strategies to support sales activities carried out by the Sales division in order to achieve AUM targets and maintain the integrity of the company image;
    • Develop and ensure compliance of all marketing materials with BNP Paribas Asset Management branding standards and comply with applicable regulations;
    • Updating all existing marketing materials;
    • Ensure the availability of information about investment products and processes that can be used for commercial purposes;
    • Ensure that all marketing and communication materials have received input from the Compliance team and comply with applicable regulations.
  • Internal Communications
    • Coordinate the distribution of necessary product-related information to internal stakeholders – Sales, Investments, Compliance and Risk, Operations – and external (customers, consultants, auditors, etc.);
    • Support the Sales team in carrying out commercial activities in order to provide an understanding of the products being marketed, as well as expanding the introduction of BNP Paribas AM products in the market.
  • Product Development
    • Responsible for implementing new product development and maintaining existing products. Provide direction and coordinate necessary changes to existing products;
    • Ensure product structure compliance with applicable regulations, internal policies, and pay attention to applicable risk management guidelines;
    • Ensure the product development process follows applicable SOPs;
    • Oversee the preparation and fulfillment of all processes and documentation relating to products to applicable regulations (prospectus, KIK, routine reports according to applicable regulations, etc.);
    • Monitor the product registration process with the regulator until an effective statement is obtained;
    • Monitor the product launch process and ensure the availability of product commercial documents to support the sales and marketing process.
  • Public Relation
    • Develop and carry out communication and marketing programs with the aim of increasing public awareness of BNP Paribas AM products and names, both through online media (website, social media) and offline, including directly to customers;
    • Ensure compliance of the use of the BNP Paribas AM logo and visuals with applicable guidelines.
  • Sharia Investment Supervisory Unit
    • Ensure the management of Securities portfolios or collective investment portfolios that do not conflict with Sharia Principles in the Capital Market, develop and market Sharia investment management services or products;
    • Carry out activities as the Issuer of the Sharia Securities List in accordance with applicable regulations. 

Essential Qualifications & Experience

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the investment manager business and industry;
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of investment instruments and products. Understanding the effects of stocks and fixed income is a must;
  • Good Indonesian and English language skills, both written and oral;
  • Able to work together in a team;
  • Have a WMI license is an advantage.

Essential Skills/Competencies

  • Ability to deliver/result driven;
  • Communications skills – oral & written;
  • Ability to manage a project;
  • Marketing knowledge;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Content Management.
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