Asset Management – Operations – Head of Operations, Indonesia

June 21, 2024

Asset Management – Operations – Head of Operations, Indonesia


  • Permanent
  • ID-Jakarta Raya-South Jakarta
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Role Description and Purpose

  • To act as a coordinator of settlement function in PT BNPP AM;
  • To support PT BNPP AM’s strategy and facilitate other division’s business by developing tools to meet current and future requirements to run the investment process, to deliver high quality, managing the operational units to reach the highest efficiency, meaning quality of transaction handling and minimum direct cost and indirect cost (errors), setting up an infrastructure to sustain and secure BNPP AM business, and delivering management information (performance etc.);
  • To closely monitor all Operations transactions, Data, and operation of all Standard Operation Procedures.

Key Responsibilities                     

  • Investment Transaction: Responsible for the reconciliation of transaction data to related parties such as brokerage house and custodian bank, crosscheck of the data in securities administration for mutual fund portfolio or other products manage by the portfolio manager;
  • SOP & Risk Mitigation: Monitor and supervise implementation of SOP; Ensure that all process within Operation department is in complied with the SOP; Minimize incompliance activity and propose SOP improvement when necessary to minimize risk exposure;
  • Financial Planning and budget control: Defines budgets through a bottom-up approach and, once approved, control that expenses stay within budget;
  • People Management: Organizes, defines and manages on a day-to-day basis the performance units; Promote BNPP AM Business Principle to the staff within own department; Manage staff members within own department’ Provide coaching and required training for the staff within own department; Maintain teamwork and healthy working environment within own department and other departments;
  • Management & Client reporting: Continues feedback to management in the form of periodical (monthly) reporting and written occasional feedback; Monitor and supervise client reporting process; Ensure that all client reports are accurate, timely delivered and meet client’s requirements;
  • Regulator Reporting: Monitor and oversee the reporting process (within the operations department) to Regulators and ensure that all reports are accurate, submitted on time and in accordance with applicable regulations;       
  • Project Management: Identifies users’ long term potential requirements, runs projects following best practices and deliver what has been promised; Take an active role as leader or member of assigned projects and/or tasks in to produce on time and quality deliverables;
  • Operations Strategy and Organization: Defines Indonesia Operations strategy and organization in order to support current PT BNPP AM Operations and to sustain future growth such as defined by the BNPP AM strategy;
  • Management of Operational Units: Day-to-day responsibility concerning the administrative process and the cross border function of Operational Units;
  • Cross-border process: Sets up cross border operational process in order to administrate transactions according to best industry practices minimizing cost and errors.


Essential Qualification & Experience

  • Minimum 10 years working experience in the field of finance / accounting / Internal Auditor / External Auditor in a company / Public Accounting Firm / investment management / bank / securities or other related financial institutions;
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance/accounting is preferable;
  • Knowledge of taxation and capital markets;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Having WPPE license from OJK is preferable.

Essential Skills / Competencies

  • Strong managerial ability and organizational skills;
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills and good ability to understand strategic business issues and appreciate compliance, risk and legal implications;
  • Proficient in processing and analyzing numbers using Ms. Excel or other programming languages;
  • High integrity, honest and reliable;
  • Proactive and responsive;
  • Diligent and helpful;
  • Able to work in a team.

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